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Welcome to the Scribe Scribbles RPG, where fans can role play as Scribe's (missmozell) fanfic characters.

How it works
The RPG (at least this one) works much like a round robin fic does. The participants will
pick a character, or several characters, to play as. Then they will make posts to interact with other characters or further the storyline. For the ScribeVerse RPG, you can choose to write in dialogue or in prose--whichever style you're most comfortable with.

Claiming Characters
Characters available to claim are all characters who have been written into Scribe-fanfiction. This includes the Buffy gang, Jim/Blair, Alex/Fox, and Severus Snape among others as well as all of Scribe's original characters. Because we don't want to cut off a much-loved character from circulation, all characters can be claimed by up to three people, as long as everyone promises to respect each other's decisions and play nice. Each participant should claim no more than three characters. Click here to claim your character(s).

  • Since not all the characters are in the same universe, five different rpg "campaigns" are allowed at any given time. How this works is that someone will post a topic with the subject heading Proposal: followed by a title of the rpg scenario proposed. This person will give us all a general idea of what they want to play at--like a setting, situation, whatever--in the body of the post. Then those who want to participate can reply to ask questions, or add to the scenario. This proposal post will also be a planning site for the particular scenario. Click here for a sample proposal. Note: There doesn't have to be five different storylines at once. This just gives the whole ScribeVerse more flexibility.
  • The actual RPGing is very simple. The only rules are
    1) you must not dictate another person's characters' actions without permission and
    2) You must put in the subject heading Username: Character (RPG Scenario Title if applicable), and tag your post with the RPG scenario's title as well.
  • You are allowed to use your claimed characters in any way you want. You are also allowed to make use of any unclaimed characters. You are also allowed to manipulate the situation in any reasonable way (reasonable as in unoffensive)and create walk-through characters. Be forewarned that any situation/character you create are fair game and can/will be used by others to further the story.
  • Click here to see a sample post.

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